“Gettin’ up early in the mornin’ goin’ to the store.”

August 14, 2010

Gettin’ up early in the mornin’ and going riding, actually. Tonight’s mission was fast and furious, like this song. I charged a quick 16k lap at the secret spot and was cleaned up and enjoying a delicious Pilsner by 9:30. Didn’t see the cougar tonight, but I had spidey senses blowing up all over the place when I came around the corner where he last was. I think we have an understanding – I’ll ride polite and respect the forest, and he’ll not eat my face off. I hope.


Early AFI was pretty rad and not emo at all and they sang about stuff that really mattered to people – like cereal and what kind to eat. Take it deep – poignant stuff.

“Breakfast cereal, make it sweet, that’s the only kind I’ll eat, gimmee sugar not nuts and twigs do I look like a fucking squirrel to you?”