And the music pendulum swings

Nice, deep house out of Germany. This stuff is just great.

It seems like there’s been a real resurgence in deep, soulful house as of late.

Ten years ago this was the type of stuff we would go dance to, but, like a lot of things that were good, you had to make that scene yourself, or dig one up somewhere. And then, like a lot of things that were good, it got more and more popular and then, eventually, the whole scene seemed to just be full of drunk party people slutting out all over the place. I’m aware that sounds pretty elitist but I watched it happen. Every album cover was some nude bimbo and the whole movement seemed to collectively shift towards the most base human experience without keeping the love, man. Gone was anything profound, let alone any moment you could call soulful or spiritual. Dance floors were filled with Jersey Shore castoffs pumping their fist in the air when the drop came and the whole thing was fueled by Red Bull. To have known it before all that, then to witness that evolution, was pretty fucking sad.

Well, it looks like the counter-culture is here and its fresh, alive, and positive. I sure like it. Check out this guy, Marlon Hoffstadt, and also the Magician, from Belgium. All of this stuff can be found on SoundCloud and you can spend days following the thread of a particular track, seeing who else has it in their set and checking out their stuff while at it.

Housey on and on.

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