Cross Crusade Wrap Up Party

“Ok, let’s do these kid’s awards fast so we can drink grain alcohol and watch adult movies.”

I just remembered why we were so fuzzy headed before racing the GPTB. It’s because what we did right after driving 15 hours, sleeping 6 hours, racing in Eugene,  and then arriving in Portland, was to immediately go connect with some friends and drink a bunch of microbrew craftbeer while dancing on tired bike racer legs for hours at the wrap party for the latest series.

I would guess that there was 400-500 people at this thing and many were dressed to kill. Justin and I rolled down in our road trip clothes, still haggard from the long drive the day before and the racing that morning. Looook out ladeeeeeeez. But 2-3 of those delicious beers set things straight right away.



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