GPTB Wintercross 2012

Justin gets us from Psycosis to a shower and late check out.

Justin gets us from a bike race to a shower and a very late late check out.

So, from Eugene and now onto Portland and some cool digs down in the Milwaukee area of town. We were really close walking distance to food, coffee, laundry, and a short drive to some great bars and lounges, plus the very impressive River City Bikes.

I had booked our place on Air BnB. It was great – a little stove for warmth, everything you’d ever need. It sure got pretty ‘Man Cave’ in a hurry. Especially when cx racer extraordinaire Mark McConnell popped in on his way south for a few days. Mark was my road trip partner doing these races last year and we had a great time, it was super cool to have his company.

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