Jay Lap

I had a good time at the Jay Lap races and the Tour de Bowness the week before. I raced aggressively – but not smartly – and put too much into an attack coming up the small hill on the last lap in the circuit race. Teammate Mike was wearing the leader’s jersey for the week and he was the only guy that came with me. But I was stupid and just stayed in front of him, pulling, thinking to help him out instead of letting him take a turn so I could save some legs for the sprint. Sure enough we were caught be everyone on the last corner. I still finished in the teens, somewhere.

The RR was especially rewarding as I literally used up everything I had after getting dropped with 20k to go. Can’t complain if there’s nothing left at the end – that’s all I could ever ask of myself and all that should ever matter.

Open the speed flats and go. It takes guts to jump off the front and see what happens.

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