Rapha visits Alex Steida. Mythic stuff here.

July 20, 2012

This is really, really good. Especially once they start talking to Steida about his experiences in the Tour. First Team 7-Eleven, 1986. Phinney, Roll, Grewal, Alcala, Heiden, Keifel, et al. Put together and managed by Ochowicz. If you were to take each of these names and follow their stories you’d have pretty much the blueprint for the entire history of North America’s involvement in European pro road racing. The only element missing would be LeMond, but, oh yeah wait, he won his first Tour that year, already a hotshot racing for the French La Vie Claire squad.

Anyway, back to Steida. How cool is it that he lives in Edmonton? Seems like a rad guy, would love to meet him. What a great storyteller. They did a solid job with this one. You totally get it. Love that he mentions getting hooked up for this through Andy Hampsten as well, another key player in the history. Gavia Pass. The Giro. Cycling’s best era and best stories, in my opinion.


July 18, 2012