Sunny San Diego Part 1!

I wrote that headline in ironic reflection of the trip I took with a few teammates to get some KMs in during the month of April, a traditionally cruddy weather month in Alberta. Irony is huge these days, by the way, so my use of it is topical and quite modern, I feel. What’s ironic about saying ‘Sunny San Diego’ is that you’d expect San Diego to be sunny, and we went there because of that, but then what happened is that it rained like goddamn holy hell for 5 days. Except for when it hailed like goddam holy hell. Actually, maybe this isn’t irony so much as a sarcastic commentary on what can only be seen as a bit of a bummer on some levels.

But just a bit of a bummer, mind you, because any time you can get away to ride a bike with friends its never, ever all that bad, even if its not exactly ideal. While there were definitely ways in which this particular trip was brutally, horribly, fricken awfully not ideal, like the fact that Mike got hit by a clueless 16 year old in a Hyundai and had his trip ruined, his bike ruined, and very nearly his health ruined, or the fact that I’m an idiot and had to delay my own arrival for 4 days whilst awaiting a passport renewal that I only discovered the day before my flight out, or the previously mentioned cruddy weather, there were still good times aplenty and some quality riding to be had. Plus I also understand that it was sunny both the week before we went and the week after we went. And, yeah, I realize that paragraph was pretty much one sentence. Its what it is, reader.

In reflection I can see the silver lining in some of the bummer-tastic things. For example: Mike could’ve been hurt much more seriously. Thank the Universe he wasn’t. There’s also the chance that I could’ve been with him and Mark on that ride, and I probably would’ve been if my passport problem hadn’t delayed me. If I was with them then there would’ve been three of us on that section of road and not two riding single file. The extra guy could’ve put one or more of us closer to the path of the idiot 16 year old. So these things occurred in ways that weren’t necessarily ideal, but had a ‘what if’ element to them. It could’ve been worse.

We stayed in Alpine, CA and the riding there is brilliant. The day before I arrived the rest of the crew did some riding up the coast that they said was beautiful. I only ever explored inland, up and around the mountains, but what I witnesses and rolled through was some of the best riding I’ve experienced.

Details to follow…

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