Ye Olde Timey Update

Hoowee its been awhile since we talked about things that pertain specifically to riding bicycles from the perspective of this guy’s personal experience. But that’s certainly not because this guy hasn’t been doing any riding. Oh, there’s been riding. The season kicks off on Sunday with a local race called Prairie Roubaix. I’m gonna do it even though I know that I’ll get shelled and sank like the Bismarck on the climb in the first 30 seconds and basically just get to practice my Eddie Merxck Old Skool time trial aerodynamic efficiency for 60k, totally on my own. That’s right, an Olde Timey TT, like that barn up there. I know 60k is ‘short’ but this is more like a kermesse or circuit race than it is a full on road race. And thank Mario Cipollini for that.

After this first offensive into the summer long war of attrition that I’m planning to unleash on my poor legs, I’ll be heading out to Salmon Arm for four days of mountain biking to pre-ride the Salty Dog enduro course, which is two weeks later, just after the Velocity Stage Race in Edmon-fun. So, yeah, kerpow it is. Off to the races in a sprint start.

I don’t feel ready, but then you never feel ready, I guess. Or, if you do, you’re faster than I’ll ever be, that’s for sure. I’ve been plugging away at my intervals during the week and trying to get my endurance k’s in but have also had the all-too-familiar spectre of my aching left knee come on far more often than I’d like. I’ve been rolling it out and stretchy and all that stuff but nothing has really gotten to the source of it. Lo and behold Mars Training Systems. Marcin is the dude that does the Oval strength training and he’s a pretty talented physiotherapist. I started seeing him and right off the go he was saying things that made a lot of sense to me – “the entire left side of your body is locked up”, “your leg is twisted”, and “you sit in a chair too much.” After 3-4 sessions he told me that it was the first time that my left leg was the same length as my right. And when we did these squeezy tests to see how the hips and glutes were firing, I could feel an immense improvement.

The crux of getting that leg sorted out seems close. When it flares up I just lose all energy, like a flashlight running out of juice. A steady and immediately obvious fade. The first few rides after my sessions went well. I got out and did some training in Alpine, CA, and then back home with the Oval stuff, too. Fingers crossed. Power is up and weight is down, so that’s a good thing. Neither is dramatic, but we’re talking 10% on FT and MAP numbers and probably a 5-8 pound weight difference over last summer’s lightest to start the season with. That’s good.

Here’s some pics and video of us riding around on some gravel roads up north of the city. Special guest appearance but one JJC, who is now repping Synergy green and black. Rad. An old pal and a great addition to the crew – both him and SD.

Gravel Epic, vol. 3

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