White Sunglasses

So we all know of the prevalence of white shades on people. Some blame Apple for introducing white as a motif, but any roadie that’s been around the block on their ten speed a few times knows full well those white shades came right out of the pro peloton. Rudy Projects, circa 1993? Even if you weren’t wearing lycra way back then you only need to dig through the photo archives to find numerous examples of the white shade phenomenon from back in tha, as they say, day.

Where did the pros get the white from? I’m gonna guess and say its the World Champs kit. Google “road cycling world champion” and see how many dudes, from Bettini to Stybar, have rolled out completely clad in white and stripes.

Here’s a rad picture of Jannus Luum and Steve Tilford. Tilford’s glasses are awesome and I wish I could find a pair like that. They look just like some drug store Blue Blockers I’ve got only in roadie white. Class!

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