Better Late than Never: USGP Bend, Day 1

My heart rate was an average of 177 for the 60 minutes. Not bad for an old guy. At least I knew that I couldn’t have pushed it any more. This is what I looked like at the final lap.


Pepper and Mark raced in the afternoon so I rode back up to the condo to shower and eat something. Pepper was right in the thick of it in her race, amongst women that are paid to ride a bike. She came in 9th, ahead of a few of those women that are 24/7 CX professionals. Cannondale Cyclocross World’s Nicole Duke (hawt!) had a mechanical right at the pavement and ran her bike across the line to preserve a top ten finish – that was cool and cooler still was that she was 2nd on day two. Katerina Nash of the Czech Republic won both days (Also hawt!).


These nachos cost $9 and had BBQ pork and all kinds of other amazing stuff on them.


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