The 50lb per bag challenge. Its on.

April 5, 2011

We’re flying to Lost Wages tomorrow with the intention to get out of the city pretty quickly. The plan is to camp and climb at Red Rocks, then drive on up and over to the Grand Canyon for a stopover on the South Rim, and then proceed over to Flagstaff, Arizona, a charming university town nestled in a high altitude Ponderosa Pine forest where we can ride, climb, hike, boulder, sit around and drink beer, whatever. Its also Ms. Zing’s alumni so we can explore some cool arky sites abd get all native. But the challenge is in packing everything you need for said adventure, and keeping each bag under 50lbs. I’ve discovered that a key way to do this is to put a lot of the heavy stuff in your carry-on. Like the climbing rack and rope. You just need to make sure you can hoist that thing into the overhead compartment with relative ease, to avoid any cross-eyed looks from the steward-people. You can pack the bike bag a little heavier, ’cause you’re already paying to fly that thing and they usually give you a bit of grace if you’re just 10% over. WestJet is one of the cooler airlines with stuff like that – fingers crossed though!

All this x 2, plus bikes. Packed down pretty well, actually.