2nd coldest place on the planet?

Which means a pretty definitive end to the Alberta fair weather cycling season, and is all the more reason to be really looking forward to hitting Arizona just after Christmas. Once, when I was a younger and tougher man, I rode on both the hottest and coldest days of the year – and made a point of doing that just ’cause. Today? Nu-uh. Not a chance. Walking the 1.6km to work was enough for me. Bikeridr and work peer KH might throw a leg over a top tube, but he’s got more flint in his veins than I do. When you check it out, Alberta had 6 out of 10 on this Coldest Places on Earth list this morning. Represent!

When this is what you get:

This is what you get:

And thanks to cyclingtorrents.nl, I can do this while watching the latest Superprestige from Europe – albeit in Dutch, German or Czech – or go for one of the latest USGP of cyclocross races with the www.cyclingdirt.com coverage. I recently downloaded one of the www.thesufferfest.com videos, a 60 min ride that puts you in the peloton, but haven’t tried it out yet. Think I will tonight. Yeah, it sucks, but it’s not that bad and at least its dry.

The work situation is another thing. The heating on the third floor is on the fritz, and has been for a few days. So when you get near the coldest place on the planet, with an inoperative heating system that actually seemed to be blowing cold air, you get some disgruntled people. But in true style our employer, Critical Mass, made the rounds up here the other day handing out hot water bottles, blankets, Baileys and hot chocolate or rum toddies, and Snuggies. There is a table of Snuggies right outside the elevator yesterday. You get out, you get one on, and you walk around looking like Obi Wan. Plus Von Sass is playing the new Walkmen album, which helps as it’s very, very good.

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