Titanium revolutions

Revolutions not just ’cause of the good sensations when you make the circles with the legs, but because I’ve seen at least as many Ti bikes out for ‘cross as I’ve seen carbon – and this bucks the trend on the road, where carbon is king. Ti gives you good stuff like lightweight, durability and comfort, with that bit of liveliness that everyone that owns one will tell you about. (and tell you, and tell you, and tell you. But I’d talk a lot about my Ti bike if I had a Ti bike. Unfortunately, I’m not really worth that grade of metal.)

James, over at Campione, is getting some pretty sweet whips in this week. An IF, which I can’t wait to go look at, and a couple of Moots, like this one below. Not sure what the builds will be, but I’m sure those guys will give these frames the 11 on the 10 dial, if you know what I mean. I’ll take some pics when they show up.

Me likey. Click for full size glory.

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