Fat Tire Amber – even the squirrels are loving it

I bought some delicious Fat Tire Amber Ale from the good ‘ol US of A. The stuff is brewed in Fort Collins, Colorado, by the New Belgium Brewing Company. I’ve never been to Fort Collins, but I bet there’s good riding there.

Anyway. The beer. It’s really good. And because it’s a microbrew with bikes and stuff on it, from a company called New Belgium Brewing, you feel legit as a mtn biker drinking the stuff. I suspect it also refreshes the palate of roadies, DHers, and is likely especially good for post cyclocross pain numbing. It is a hoppy brew, after all. (OH, I WENT THERE, THAT’S RIGHT.)

Just wish I could keep the squirrels out of it.

This guy got into my supply and drank himself into a happy stupor. But while he was sleeping it off, the neighbor’s cat came over and chewed on his face. So let that serve as a lesson or two, here, folks – do not drink another person’s microbrewery beer and pass out on his lawn, and cats are mean people.

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