Bend Cyclocross Vids

We went out to check out the local cyclocross scene at Bend’s midweek racing event – the Thursday Thrilla. This event was fairly mind-blowing. They raced everyone together, at once, mass start. Older dudes, kids as young as 10 years old, elite men and women, guys in costumes, pros, mountain bikes, the whole deal. Most every week this season the event has been raced by 2006 US National XC MTB and Cyclocross Champ Ryan Treborn. It was pretty cool to see that level of fluidity over the barriers; like he was out for a stroll. But neater still was the fact that the race had a massive attendance from local spectators and was an all around festival type of deal. Really cool to see cycling so embraced by a community. Check out the Bike Blender – unreal and hilarious.

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