“Look at how funky he is! I will never be hip.”

This is amazing. I submit for your consideration: the rap scene from Teen Witch. It’s so horrible its awesome. Anyone that’s entertaining any notion of emulating 80’s culture or fashion needs to watch this as penance. If you’re young, ok, fair enough. But if you’re old enough to have “did the 80’s” the first time around, accept your age, be strong, and just let it go. It was bad. You know better. You can’t go there twice. Its an affront to dignity. Although I am considering cutting my hair like Jason Patric in the Lost Boys. But that’s different – that flick has that really, really good version of Echo and the Bunnymen performing The Doors, “People are Strange” on the soundtrack. And its about vampires. And not shitty wussy ones.

Anywho, on with the show. Please enjoy, “Top that!”

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