Self photo with $1.99 Nada Surf t-shirt and road bike in repose.

I wanted a Nada Surf t-shirt but they are a bitch to find. Luckily, some guy in Quebec was looking to climb out of debt the slow way and was selling one for a couple of bucks. I’m pretty sure this shirt is from the 2005 ‘Stars’ album, for obvious reasons, and that would mean that this garment had spent the better part of five years on the back of that French dude. Does that bother me? Not in the least. Does it bother some people I know? Yes.

I wore it for the entire long weekend in a blatant attempt to override the smell of Jacques with my own.

The best part about buying a 5 year old used t-shirt from a guy in Quebec for $1.99 plus shipping is the fact that it was THE ONLY THING HE WAS SELLING. After E-Bay fees I’m betting he took home around $1.85. Hope he spends it well.

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