You can tell its gonna be hectic cause RawHide’s got them fur chaps on again.

Now Jeff Goldbloom has played a fair number of quirky and nerdy scientist type characters in his career. There was The Fly, there’s Jurassic Park, there’s that one where everything gets blow’d up by space aliens, and then, before all of that came to be, there’s his breakthrough role as RawHide in one of my all time cult classic favs, Buckaroo Banzai.

Hell yes, he is, in fact, decked out in fur chaps and a sweet, old skool, red c-boy shirt. F-uuuuck. Only shitty thing about road riding is the total lack of fur chaps.

Check out the closing credits to this film below. When I was a younger man, around 13, I was so enamored with this movie and the music that accompanied it, that I figured out how to plug the family VCR into a cassette recorder so that I could dub a copy of the track. I took that thing with me and nerded the hell out with it that same summer, absconding my Aunt Ellen’s original Sony Walkmen so I could keep the beat alive in and around the lovely community of Rexdale.

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