Reducing overlap to expand the quiver.

Its been a long time since I did much mountain biking. Probably ten years or so, but I always loved it. After wounding my knees I got all anxious about riding in the dirt, and especially uneven dismounts. You know the kind; when you bail but manage to get a leg under you to run out of it. That there technique is critical kung-fu for not smashing your teeth out. But it was worrying about those kinds of falls on rebuilt knees that kept me on the road and safe.

But, 2 years post left knee fixing, things feel burley enough to throw a leg back over a mountain bike again. So I purged one of my road bikes and will put the funds to something squishy. Maybe 5 inches of travel. Not so far away from an XC bike that I’m putting it in a truck to get it to the top. You don’t drive your bike to ride your bike – not from the trailhead, anyway.

I swapped out all the choice parts from my racier roadie to my 12 year old one and I’m pretty psyched with the outcome. This thing feels like a pretty serious crit weapon.

– C’Dale aluminum. Nice and stiff. Harsh on 100k, but there’s Advil.
– Circa 1999 Shimano 9-speed Ultegra. Still works just fine.
– A new 11-26 cassette. No way I’m riding a straight block!
– Thompson Elite seatpost with setback.
– Fizik Arione saddle.
– Dedaccia stem and bar combo. Wide and beefy.
– Easton EA 90 Aero wheelset paired up to Michelin PRO2 rubber.
– Look Carbon Keo pedals.

Here’s a handy slideshow. The original bike gracing the vistas of Maui, the racy one that got cannibalized and sold, the beer fueled operation mid way through, and the final FrankenBike.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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