A Soggy Slog

I was out in Vancouver for a few days just last week and decided to register in this 5Peaks Trail Race that was going on close to the city. What’s a trail race, you’re wondering? It’s like a normal running event, except you’re doing it on these gnarly, rocky and rooted trials all over the side of a mountain. A friend was doing the thing too and we teamed up and headed out on a cold and rainy – and very grey – day.

The event itself was a blast, and I think it was all the more fun for having taken place in such abysmal weather. I elected for the 8km ‘sport’ route, which followed singletrack and dualtrack paths through the forest, dipping and rising as we climbed towards the top of what seemed to be a mountain, but was certainly much more like a hill in reality.

I ran the 8km in around 53 minutes which I was pretty psyched about, actually. There were some pretty fast people out there and it was amazing to see them blaze up the forest paths in runner’s shorts and singlets. Huge props to those guys and huge props to anyone that came out to do the event. I’m going to register for some more of them, for sure.

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