Tunes For the Bike Experience, Vol. 5

November 6, 2009

SNFU, Painful Reminder.

Drunk on a Bike, is also brilliant, of course, but I can’t find a decent version on Youtube. This’ll have to do.

The young boy had fallen in love
With his homeroom teacher
He has fallen in love

It happens everyday
In schools throughout the city
Throughout the city

She was married, he did learn
And inside he did burn
Deep inside he did burned

He vowed that never again
Would he open his heart
Open up his hear

And to serve as a reminder
He painted her a picture
This painful reminder
And he keeps it in his binder
This painful reminder

The next day in his art class
He drew a picture of her
With an axe in her head

A picture’s worth a thousand words
Even those left unsaid
Those best left unsaid

Now he walks the halls alone
But it is for the better

He vowed that never again
Would he open his heart
Oh no! never again!

Christopher Walken is an alien.

November 2, 2009

Seriously. Remember this video? Who knew?


November 1, 2009



Road Warriors – The Badger

November 1, 2009

C’mon, Bernie, shows us that Badger face again. A series of quotes from everyone’s favorite French cyclist. Ya gotta love Bernard Hinault. That guy would fight anything. To the death. Not his. A very suitable nickname.

The Badger

“If I can breathe, I attack.”

or, maybe:

“Hmmm. Do I have enough croissants for morning? The Fignon’s are coming over and Laurent can be pretty ravenous. I think I’d better get some more. Yeah. That’d be smart. And some espresso. Definitely don’t forget the espresso. Check and check. Hmm, pate. Need pate. Ok, check. Oh, merde! The finish line – hey, I won! C’est bon!”


1984 Paris-Nice.

“I’m trying to win! Get the hell off the road!”


LeMond: “Ahh. Eeee. Eerrrr. Piano! Piano!”

Badger: “Fuck you, Lemon Meringue.”


Hinault: “Later, bitches! Ima get to the velodrome in Roubaix and have myself a shower.”

The Peleton: “Nooooooo….”


“You touch this beer…I’ll firickn’ kill ya. You look at me…I’ll frickkin’ kill ya. Actually, no matter what, I’ll pretty much frickkin’ kill ya.”


An impostor in full Francaise de Jeux kit got himself up on the stage of the 2000-and-something Tour.

“Not on my watch”, said the Badger.


Another impostor gets up on the podium stage at the Tour. The Badger, or maybe The Batman, sprang into action.

Hinault: “Yer dead.”

Impostor: “Oh sweet Jesus I hope that’s not Hinault. Ah hell, it is.”