Tunes For the Bike Experience, Vol. 3

Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix Rocks You.

Check some brilliantly catchy eclectic rock from France. Phoenix has produced a couple of albums now, but this is definitely their breakthrough.

The filtering and soaring, swooping electronic riffs that accompany the more traditional rock elements of guitar, keyboard and percussion are more typical of a great French House track. But that should come as no surprise, considering that one of the Phoenix team, and producer of the album, is Thomas Bangalter of Daft Punk. His sound is all over this in a wicked, excellent way.

My favorite album of the last few years. You cannot listen to the first single off of Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix, the uber catchy 1901, without bobbing your head and grinning like a mad man. Its a totally infectious, joyous, and optimistic album for a time and era that needs more light hearted voices and sounds of love and life like this. That track will hang on summer evenings all season long, for sure.

I am absolutely pumped to go to NYC to see them play Central Park this Sept and hear that sound echo off of the buildings into crisp autumnal night. Fuck yeah.

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