The 1989 Miyata 512 and LeMond’s 8 Seconds

I recently noticed that someone out there had stumbled into my blog by searching for this bike, “1989 Miyata 512”. I’ve never written about that bike in here, but what’s weird is that I did own one. In 1989, in fact. When I was 15. Suppose it now makes sense to write about it.

I saw that Kevin Bacon bike messenger movie – Quicksilver – and had to have a road bike. I stopped at the beret though. I saved up and networked myself into getting a deal at a local shop. My 512 was lavender and white – not the most manly “colorway”, but I didn’t really care.

That Miyata was a lot of bike for a 15 year old kid; a seriously pretty good whip at that time. I rocked it up to Market Mall and to St. Francis High School as fast as I could make it go. I remember my friends on their mountain bikes pleading with me to take it easy, lavender and white colorway or not. I even had a hairnet. So here’s to you, Miyata 512, with your oval chainrings and Sugino component group – you got me going.

So how does all this relate to Greg Lemond? Well, it only does in my head, but it was just a few weeks after getting this bike that I saw Lemond win Le Tour for the second time, over French icon Laurent Fignon, by a still-standing record narrow margin of just 8 seconds. ‘Jack’ went on to win the World Championships that same year, and would would win his third Tour the following season, way before Lance was the patron of the peloton.

Give it up – 8 seconds for the Miyata 512 and LeMond’s epic victory, two things strongly correlated in my mind.



3 Responses to The 1989 Miyata 512 and LeMond’s 8 Seconds

  1. Mike says:

    Hi my name is Mike I am in Ontario . I have been out of work since 2002 from a spinal card injury but still able to walk somewhat. Any way what I have been doing is collecting bikes from peoples garbage and selling them to the used bike guy up the road from me until I gave one of the bikes I fixed to a kid in my area that could not afford one and after that I donèt sell I give them to people that have a need but not the cash for one and I am a hole lot richer now. As I was going through my bike run I cam across 2 bikes and one was a mountain bike and the other looked like a cross breed. Like a race bike it had skinny tires and a sitting up style like a Mountain bike. It had the name Miyata witch I never herd of and it was a Triple cross. So I went on line and googled it and found out it is a 1989 triple cross almost all ariginal so I looked at value and got all kinds of range from $20 to $700 I am not giving this one away. The first thing I did was go to the house that through it out and asked if (they did ) through and asked why because of itès condition and the guy said a friend bought it years ago and that it was a very good bike but he didènt have room for it and had to get rid of it..I still have it and am getting a new chain for it then I will see what I can sell it for . I am hopeing to get around $ 350 because I just bought a Trolling motor for my boat yesterday for that much. Now if I can get that much it willimpress the wife and I will tell her that the money I had to pay for a motor for the washing machine was free and you know when you tell your wife you got something free she is impresed with her man. I hope you get the pics so here they are and if you can add any info I would be thankfull for that . Mike at thanx man.

  2. I just picked up a free 1987 Miyata Competition 512 from a co-worker and am enjoying it. I prefer it over my 1985 Peugeot P8. I attempted to post a picture of it here but, it didn’t work. The bike is pretty close to showroom condition. I updated my P8 with 700 x 23c tires with Presta tubes and replaced the 6-speed freewheel with an 8-speed cassette. I kept all of the parts I removed in case I ever want to return it to stock.

  3. Kevin says:

    Love that bike. Classy.

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