In other news; Calgary kinda sucks

I don’t want to give in to pessimism, but honestly, Calgary, c’mon.

I got back from Austin pretty recharged, the sun and strength of the bike community there was a real kick in the ass.

And even when we got out of the airport and it was cloudy and around zero degrees I was cool with it, that’s just Alberta in the early spring. All good. But I got home. Cleaned up. Decided to catch up to some friends for a quick couple of beers and walked down to a local pub to do that. I got there at 9:30 to see a 50 person line to get in. Whaaaa?

And then it started to snow, a lot. So I waited around for about an hour, determined to stay the course and get inside to enjoy a pint and, specifically, some sweet potatoes cut and deep fried in the French manner, because they are delicious this way and because yams are where it’s at.

An hour long wait in the snow was a bit too much to handle for just havin’ a beer. What was worse was the company. I’m not too much of a prima donna, but, people, please. Every yahoo that was waiting out there was spitting and swearing and loud and obnoxious. It was a dramatic adjustment from the sun of Austin, Texas, where, somehow, the younger crowd can maintain a degree of dignity while they’re having a good time. What’s with the rise of the dickhead these days? Man.

Here’s a photo from my window. I think I’ll stay in today.


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