Breakfast of champions.

Or at least of an up and coming soon to be CAT 3 road racer with titanium knees.


In the bowl:

– Steel cut oats, also called Irish oatmeal. Slowcooked.

– Blueberries, a bunch of them

– A handful of shredded almonds

– A spoonful of Nutella, which was a touch of brilliance, I feel

**Alternatively a spoonful of Liberty baltic style vanilla yogurt

In the charming old style coffee pot:

– Dark roasted French coffee (although I’m sure its the same stuff in the light roasted Columbian cans)

– The quality here is in the details. This pot is what you’d typically make coffee in while camping, but is pretty similar to what you’d find in most countries in Europe. Its a century old design that works. Its made of one material – steel. There’s a little wooden grip bolted on to the handle, but you’ll still burn yourself if you aren’t careful. This is a coffee pot from when fear of litigation wasn’t one of the biggest motivating factors in industrial design. I’ll do a complete breakdown of this brilliant device in a couple of days.

One Response to Breakfast of champions.

  1. Piyush says:

    Well done, another great epoisde. Remember if anyone from school has any ideas for what might happen next either leave them on here or speak to a member of the writing team in school.

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