ZINGing on the road bike.

What is zing? Well, an old courier buddy, who stuck with the skinny tires and didnt venture off to play soccer like I did, used to always use the word ‘zing’ to describe riding his bike.

This guy, a 7 year bike messenger vet, CAT 2 roadie extraordinaire, and a former Alberta Provincial Road Race Champ, would do this thing to animate any story about messengering or riding.

He would hold his fists out in front of him, the bottoms parallel to the floor with the backs of his hands outward, and a slight 3 degree bend to his wrists, like he was holding the hoods of a road bike, and he’d rock his hands back and forth and go ‘zing-zing-zing-zing-zing’ to describe the sound of pedaling. He also kind of rocked his shoulders a bit. It was him, or this other courier I worked with, rode with, and raced the local Tuesday Night Crit scene with, long lost Big-Bri Blakely, that pioneered this around 12 years ago, and anyway, I always remembered it and imitated it myself for awhile.

So that’s ZING. Get yours on. I’m bringing it back.

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