I don’t like Zach Braff

May 20, 2008

Newsweek Magazine called Zach Braff ‘the voice of a generation’, and I’d like to be excused from that as he’s definately not the voice of me.

He, Zach that is, said that his hit movie Garden State was “a big, life-affirming, state-of-the-union address for twentysomethings.” Well, I was a twentysomething at that time and I thought it was transparent and disconnected and took its core topics no further than all of us have over coffees with pals.

His new feature, The Last Kiss, has come out during my own early thirties and documents the mental anguish of a 29-year-old commitment-phobe who has to choose between a staggeringly hot woman of his own age that loves him, and a staggeringly hot woman 10 years younger that also loves him. Man. That’s rough.

If Braff maintains this pace, he’ll be making facile observations about our voyage through life’s milestones until he eventually wraps it up and films an indie-rock-infused On Golden Pond. I hope that doesn’t seem too harsh.