Nutella, a whole jar


I ate nearly an entire jar of Nutella today. Stuff is like crack. I spread it out on these whole wheat tortilla shells, and then roll ’em on up with a banana in there, like uncut – just peeled and stuck on in the mileau. Dee-lic-ious. Sometimes when you eat these Nutanawraps, as I’m gonna call em, the banana tries to get away from your appetite by doing this rebellious poo out the back of the wrap thing. Then you gotta spin your Nutanawrap around and attack from the other side, to get the banana tamed back in there and all good and normal again. But its kinda funny, cause it can keep squirting out either side, so you’re spinning this thing around every two seconds and frantically stuffing it in your face like a fat kid with the last piece of cake. When I ride my bicycle in the chill, my body always craves sugar and fat like this. So when I got back in and peeled the clothes off, and brewed up some Oso Negro (which is Oso Good, by the way), I startred making and eating these wraps. And sure enough, I plowed through the entire jar. Man, it was kinda gross. All i feel is guilt and shame. Of course I’m totally kidding.

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