Oh yeah – I forgot. So I was out riding and just having a swell time. And to get from my place in the ‘Hood, to Kensington, it works best to just grab the bike path from Eau Claire area.

So that’s what I did. And on the way back I guess I blew by some ‘Dude’ a little too closely, cause I get to this red light just inside DT, and suddenly there’s this irate guy yelling at me, he was like a kinda surly construction worker from Jersey or something. Really.

‘You tryin’ to kill me?’
‘Huh?’ I take my earbuds out, ‘Sorry, what’s wrong?’
‘You tryin’ to kill me? You almost ran me over’
‘Uh, no, sorry, i didnt see you’
‘You almost ran me over. you tryin’ to kill me?’
‘Sorry, man, I dont remember being that close to you’
‘You almost ran me over’
‘Yeah, er, you said that. Hey, im sorry, ok, dude, really, I didnt mean to scare you. ok?’
‘No, it aint ok. You almost ‘ranned’ me over. You tryin’ kill me?’
‘No. Uh, no. Look, if I wanted to run you over, I would’ve run you over. Ok? Really. Let it go.’
‘I outta deck ya’
‘What? you outta – what?’
‘Deck ya. Knock ya on ya ass’
‘ok, great, yeah.’

and then the light turns green
and i start to pedal along,
and he starts to pedal along
and I turn to him and go:

‘you’re a nincompoop’
I just thought it would be funny to say to the car, just because the whole thing seemed pretty ridiculous.

and as I ride away, he furiously tries to stay even with me, and I look over at him one more time, as he is just cranking along, all mad and psycho looking and I go, just for good measure:


and all the lights on 3rd Street were green so I cranked away and left the nincompoop in the past. He was like Joey on Friends.

later on I felt bad for calling him a nincompoop. But then I couldn’t stop laughing about it.

Nincompoop. What a sweet word. I dont even know where it came from. It just popped in my head. Its my new favorite word.

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