Sneakin’ to go Ridin’

Harhar! Today I snuck outta work early. Yep. First time. A couple people went, “hey, you leavin’?” And I just went, ‘yeah’. I just booked myself an appointment. I figure if people can take 15 minutes to smoke, 4-5 times a day, then I hope its ok to duck out a little premature once a month or so – as long as all the work is done.

The best part of all this was, well, actually there were 3 best parts:

1) Sneakin’ outta work to have fun. I love doin’ this. And I’m gonna do it more often.
2) I found this super-cool Merino Wool jersey that I really liked on EBAY, if you can believe it. I’d never used the thing. But this jersey was only $40! Instead of $120. So I figured it out and now I spend all my time looking at, like, Gi Joes from the 50’s. Anyway, I wore my new jersey today and felt fast.
3) I went out for a little walk cause i wasnt feelin’ like goin’ out. And my legs had that soreness. i love that soreness. It means that something good’s goin’ on down there. So I walked around. oh yeah – I brought the 2 Coronas out of my fridge and drank them.

Uh. That’s all, Blog. I’m goin to bed. See ya tomorrow.

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