Love him or hate him, Lance Armstrong is PUNK.

So in 2003 Armstrong and about 4 guys are accelerating up to the finish line trying to make time on each other, and this German guy, Kloden, just happens to be up the road trying to win himself a stage after a long breakaway. About a hundred meters shy of the finish, Armstrong just surges past this poor guy, nips him right at the finish line, and when I first saw it, I was like, ‘Lance, buddy. Let Klodden have his day, keep an ally, you’ll still win overall, what was all THAT about?’ And I never really thought much more of it. But today I saw this little interview done in his hotel room right afterwards, very low quality, likely a teammate with a digi camera, where Lance is asked what was up with the stage win, and why he didn’t let Kloden take it.

And he goes:

‘I thought about it. And then I remembered all the German fans spitting on me yesterday, on Alp D’Huez, and I thought, no, he’s not gonna win it. Fuck that. This is for all those Germans, for those loogies that hit me in the face, this is for them, and he ain’t winning it. He ain’t winning it. He’s not supposed to win it. It’s not gonna happen.’

Huh. And I remembered why I used to like Armstrong’s style so much, like 10 years ago. The guy is so punk. So, so punk and I love that and want to eat it for breakfast every single morning of every single day of my life, I wanna wash it down with piping hot black coffee and go ‘ahhhhhh, now THAT’s fucking GREAT COFFEE’.

I love it that much. A whole hella’ lot. “He aint gonna win it”.

So wicked.

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